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How important is it that I use nanny cams?

So, I’ve never hired a nanny before. I’ve never had the need to hire one until now. I have an opportunity that I can’t pass down. But that means that I can’t be with the kids. My friend who has a nanny says that nanny cams are super important so that you can check in at any time to make sure the nanny is actually doing a good job and it may give me some peace of mind to know that my kids are okay throughout the day. I understand where my friend is coming from. On the other hand, if I’m hiring this person to look after my kids and I feel that they are a good person, shouldn’t I just trust that everything is okay?

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I think nanny cams can be great, but they can also just make things more stressful. You can check in on your kids whenever you want, which can be super nice. But you don’t know what happened before you check-in. So you could see your kid in time out or crying and not know what lead up to that moment. This makes you question everything and can put you on edge. It really comes down to trust. Make sure you trust the person you hire to take care of your kids and talk about what is okay and what isn’t.

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Of course, you can trust that everything is okay. I think the main thing is to employ someone that you really trust along with extensive screening and background checks to take care of your children when you're at work. However, nanny cams are also important because of many reasons, Firstly, there's this peace of mind that comes with having a nanny cam especially with a new nanny that you might not be comfortable with yet. Nanny cams can also provide a form of connection with your child especially when you're leaving them at home for the first time because you can see what they're doing in real time and you can check on them remotely whenever you want to. It also gives you total confidence that your children are safe and being taken care of and no hard boundaries are being crossed. But I am also usually careful because nanny cams may not give me the whole picture and that's where the trust comes in. You can also try to tell the nanny about the Nanny cams to create trust.

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