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What do you look for in an employer?

I’m new to the whole 'Childcare: Babysitters'/nannying world. I’ve watched kids when I was a teen but not as an adult yet. This feels so different from any other job I’ve had because I’m actually going to be in their home and taking care of their kids. It just feels different. I don’t know what I should be looking for in a good employer. I’ve found a few that I’m not comfortable with doing, parental style-wise, but at this point, I really don’t even know what’s good. I need help finding the good things to look for in an employer so that I feel comfortable working for them.

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You definitely have to make sure that they are easy to communicate with. This is a person who you will be reporting to and talking to regularly about both the good and the bad, so you want to make sure that they are easy to talk to. You also want to find out what their parenting style is like and how they treat their employees. To do this, you can ask about household rules and about what happened to the previous nanny or babysitter. But it’s really important to make sure that you feel comfortable around the person. This is a person that you will be interacting with a lot and you want to make sure that you will be comfortable enough with them to tell them anything, whether it’s good or bad.

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This is a very valid question, I believe that the fit between an employer and an employee should be mutual. So, the good things you might need to look for in an employer starting right from the interview is the way they communicate, good communication is very essential in creating a lasting working relationship. They should be open to good communication and be transparent about what they really need from you. They should also be easy to talk to and available to talk. Consider how comfortable you will be when you are reporting their children behavior either good or bad and try to ascertain how they will react. You can do this by listening to their experience with the former nanny. You should also ask your prospective employer questions to ascertain the good things about them. It would be a good thing if their values and parenting style align with yours or there's room for compromise.

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