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Should I allow my nanny to prepare meals and snacks for my child?

In the past, I’ve always prepped all of the meals and snacks that my nanny would feed my child. It’s a lot of extra work for me the night before after an already busy day at work plus spending time with my child when I’m home from work. Having my nanny make the meals and snacks would really take a lot off of me but it worries me that it won’t be the healthiest food out there. Junk food is fine sometimes, but I’m worried that it would be all the nanny fed my child because it can be quicker to make.

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Most nannies know how to cook at least basic meals. If you are worried about them feeding the kids junk food, make sure to not buy anything too unhealthy when you go grocery shopping so that it isn’t even an option. You could also make a meal plan for the week and tell the nanny what you want the kids to eat and what you want them to make. Then your nanny can tell you if they know how to make the food and you can show them how if not. Communication is key, so talk to the nanny about it and maybe come up with meal ideas for lunches together.

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Of course you can allow your nanny prepare food and snacks for your children. Your fears are valid. One of the ways I would advise to ensure that your nanny doesn't feed your children junk food or food you will not be comfortable with is by being completely open and honest with them. I think you can try to explain about the change of plans involving them to cook the food, if it is already part of the job description, you can then sit down with them and tell them about your expectations and desires when it comes to food you want your children to eat. I do this in a calm and respectful manner and also offered to teach them any food they do not know how to prepare. If it is not part of their job description, you might want to talk to them about it and both of you can come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

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