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How do you take care of children with allergies?

Most of my jobs have been easy in the past. Great kids, great parents, not too much to worry about other than watching the kids. A family reached out and wants to hire me but they have said that their children have allergies. And not seasonal allergies, these are life-threatening if exposed to allergies. I’ve never had to deal with this sort of thing before so I’m not sure how to move forward. I don’t know how to take care of kids with allergies when they have an allergic reaction. None of my family members have any allergies like this, that I’m aware of at least, so it’s really just not something I’ve ever had to deal with before. How do I take care of them?

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Remember the first thing you might want to do is to ask a lot of questions about the kids allergies, how they were discovered, what triggers the allergies? Are there any triggers in the house? Where are they? The severity of exposure and what the parent’s current management plan is, I usually ask these questions as often as I remember them to fully know the extent of what I am dealing with. A way that I think can help is also to make a list of the allergy triggers that you have gathered from the parents and from your own research that can cause an allergic episode and commit them to memory if you can, if you cannot, write them down and carry it with you always. I usually make sure that their house is free of such allergic agents or located and locked far away from where the children can reach. I always check the ingredients label of anything I want to give the children to eat, either it is already in the house or I am just shopping for it. Another important thing is in the case of accidental exposure, I have found out that having EPI pens or any first aid recommended by their doctor is a life-saving element.

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I think it’s always important to talk to the parents about this. Find out what exactly the allergies are, what triggers them, what reaction they have (some people just get a rash while others can’t breath), and find out just how bad the allergy is. If it’s a life-threatening allergy most parents won’t have anything that could trigger them in the house. If the kids don’t react that badly there may be things that could trigger them in the house so be careful about what you feed them or give them. To find all of this out you need to talk to the child's parents though.

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