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What was your longest stay with a family as a babysitter?

I usually only babysit for the same family for a few days or on a few different occasions. I’ve never had a family that wanted something super long-term with me, or to only work with me. And I’ve never said that I’m open to it, but nobody has mentioned it to me either. Eventually, they find someone else that they like more or that has more availability than me. I’m definitely open to working with a family for a long time, but how long is a long time? I don’t know anyone else who babysits so I can’t go around asking other people.

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I think the longest I have stayed with a family is 8 years and the reason I left was because they moved to another place. Some nannies stay with one family for up to 15 years. I believe there's no how long, every family is different and the type of working relationship that develops is a potent determinant of how long you stay there. What I think is that the amount of time you spend with a family no matter how long or how short is due to a number of factors such as your connection and how comfortable you are with the family, presence of open and transparent communication about all matters concerning their children.

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I think that when you are a babysitter, it’s important to realize that most of the time you won’t be working for a family long term. It’s not impossible because some parents really want consistency in their kids' lives, but most only hire a babysitter to watch the kids for a few hours here and there. I have been hired by the same family for about 10 years now, but it’s only here and there. It’s not a normal thing where I watch the kids every day after school, it’s only maybe once a month so the parents can have a night out. Babysitters might work with a family once and then never see the family again. That’s just how it is sometimes. If you are wanting something more long-term or are wanting to work for one family, consider becoming a nanny instead. They work with one family for a couple of months to years depending on the family's needs.

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