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What is the most stressful part about working as a Governess?

I’ve recently been thinking about becoming a Governess. I have all of the qualifications for it, which is why I’m thinking about it. It’s not what I thought I would be doing, but it’s something that I could start doing fairly quickly. I have experience watching kids as I’ve done a lot of 'Childcare: Babysitters' over the years. I also was a tutor for a few years, helping kids younger than me in high school. So I know I can do it, but I also know that there is probably a lot more to being a Governess than I’m thinking there is. I don’t have anyone I ask about it because I don’t know anyone who is a Governess. But I could get started quickly compared to anywhere else. I’m worried it will be way more stressful than I’m thinking it will be. What’s the most stressful part about it for you?

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I’ve been a governess for a few years now and I have found it to be really enjoyable. It’s more flexible than a lot of things out there and you often also get a place to live. I’ve found that it’s not one certain thing that is stressful, it’s more that everything combined is stressful. A lot of things rely on other things to get done, and you really want to get as much done as you can. I’ve found that I’m basically the only person cleaning in the house, and when the kids are back from school and need help with homework and need you to watch them it’s harder to get that done. Sometimes it feels like it’s thing after thing and that you don’t have any time to stop moving during the day. The stress builds over time as it feels like you just can’t get everything done.

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