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Have your kids gotten the COVID vaccine? If not, are you planning on getting one for them?

I know that the COVID vaccine has been out for a while now, but I still have not let my kids get it. At first, I was just worried about the side effects that they may get (though I was fine when I got it) and now it just seems like a statement that’s hard to come back from. The plan was to give it to them but we just haven’t yet. I know there have to be other parents who are in the same boat as me somewhere out there. Are you planning on giving your kids the COVID vaccine if you haven’t already done it yet?

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I have two kids who have been eligible to get the COVID vaccine for a while now, but I still haven’t given it to them yet. My partner and I also planned on getting them vaccinated at some point and yet. One of my kids has a disability and a heart condition, making them high risk, but we wanted to talk to a cardiologist before getting them vaccinated to be sure that it wouldn’t hurt them in any way. Since one of the kids is a high risk, we have been in quarantine since day one and are still in quarantine to this day, so we have limited exposure to other people. Both kids are also homeschooled, which was true even before COVID hit, but it means that we don’t have to worry about that exposure or pressure from schools. At this point, it’s like this is our normal life. We’re also hoping that heard immunity will play a part in it soon, so they may not even need to get the vaccine at all.

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