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As a babysitter, are you willing to assist with my kids homework?

When hiring a babysitter, I know that I’m paying them to watch my kids. Watch them, feed them, play with them, keep them safe, that sort of thing. I just got a new shift at work that makes it so that I can’t get home until later in the evening. Meaning that I don’t have the time to make sure that their homework is done or help them with it at all. I know that babysitters are already doing a lot, I mean they are basically being the parent while the real parent isn’t there. But I need to know if I can ask my babysitter to do this for me since I just can’t be there to do it. It’s pretty easy stuff that I can figure out, for now, so I feel like it’s okay to ask the babysitter to help them with it since they should also find it easy to do.

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I think it’s definitely okay for you to ask the babysitter to help with the kid's homework, especially if they are younger kids. If it’s easy stuff that everyone knows then it wouldn’t really be adding that much onto them. If your kids are doing more complicated things, like algebra or something, it may be harder for them to help the kids finish it. But I feel that most babysitters who watch kids after school would be expecting to have to help kids with their homework. It’s pretty normal for kids to need help with homework after school so it kind of comes with the job. It could be nice to offer to pay them slightly more than you already do if it’s not something that they had been expecting to have to do though.

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I think you should be able to ask your babysitter if they can help your children with their homework when they get back from school explaining the reason why you won't be able to do it anymore. Your babysitter may decide to help you with it or she may accept to do it if you would add more money to her hourly rate. However, I would be prepared for a negative reaction from some babysitters especially if this was not in the initial job description both of you agreed with at the beginning but I am fairly certain this is an issue that can be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

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