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How should I start chatting online without coming off as cheesy?

I'm new at this getting back into dating thing. I don't really know how to approach chatting. I don't want to come off as cheesy and insincere but also don't want to be boring, commenting about the weather...How do you get into the deep conversations to get to know people?

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That takes time. Just be yourself and if someone isn’t interested, that’s okay! You will find someone who is. I think conversations will deepen once they get to know you and learn what experiences and values you have in common. Also, a good sense of humor never hurts!

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I would say the best way to get into meaningful conversations is to start by asking genuine questions. People generally love to talk about themselves and plus you’ll learn more about them that way!

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Kathy German

New at this dating,I am a senior citizen, an raising a grandaughter which comes first but would like a companion to do things with

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I'm new at this dating thing too. I would suggest just be yourself and be genuine and it will be alright. 😀

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