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Hello my name is Daniella and I'm a single mom. I'm 31 years old and I made a mistake of trusting a 55 year old to actually care like he claims. I went through my pregnancy and delivery alone. I've raised my little girl alone also and it's something I never thought I'd have to do . I was raised without a father and I didn't want that for my kid. I never thought I'd have a kid because I kept having miscarriages so she's my miracle child. The thing is her father keeps trying to keep in contact with me but idk why. He only messages after midnight and even then he barely says anything unless is to put me down . He hasn't helped with her or anything . He goes from one moment acting like he wants her and I to the next minute saying we're a burden and he wished she had never been born . He says oh were a family and I love u both but then it's the opposite the next day. He tells me if I date anyone or try to put myself out there then he won't have anything to do with my daughter but in all truth why would that matter bc he never has anything to do with her anyways. I just feel torn bc i dont want her to not know her father or not have one like i did but im just so tired of his games. I've been going through so much and it's been so rough doing this alone but all I want is just someone to talk to or care about. Yeah I'll admit I'm lonely and I think it makes it harder raising my girl on my own. Idk what to do 😟

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Going through a similar experience love. It's been 12 years of the same crap. Don't let him stop you from being happy. Keep doing what you need to do for you and your daughter and you will attract a healthy relationship and someone who deserves Your Love

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First of all you sound like an amazing mom who wants the best for your daughter no matter what, so you’re already doing a great job! It sounds like your ex is very manipulative and immature unfortunately. True love is putting other people first, the opposite of what he is doing by putting himself first always. Consider drawing some boundaries and hopefully in the future he will learn how to respect them and be in your daughters life without all of his demands.

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