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How to move on from toxic relationship when your pregnant

Im 6 months pregnant by a narcissist. Already have a child together. 12 years of bullshit. I'm beyond done. I just want to move on with my life. How do you make friends in my situation?

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I'm so sorry you're going through this. Pregnancy is hard enough in and of itself, let alone having to go through it on your own or with a toxic partner is just other level. I think you'll find lots of supportive people if you open yourself up. Maybe try some prenatal classes to try to get into the mindset of enjoying your pregnancy and making supportive friends and detaching from your toxic relationship. Put yourself and your pregnancy first and take care of you and your child and hopefully you'll find yourself a mama tribe to lift you up during this tough period.

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Please leave that relationship . Girl I just got out of abuser relationship I was pregnant and my lover try to kill me when I was 5 months pregnant and it was most scary thing .plus the stress is not good at all not one bit. I gave birth earlier. 29 weeks. I been in the hospital with my twins girls for one months and two weeks now. Having preemie are the almost hardest and scary thing.

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I would say just get out there, but watch how they speak, u can tell alot by the way people talking and don't just jump isn't things, some people aren't who they act like they are it takes time to really get to know someone but that's why people spend lifetimes loving someone cause they'll always learn something new

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Keith Carter

Im praying for you. I have first hand experience with a Jezebel/narcissist. I guess I would say you are fortunate to be in one piece after all this time. I lost the will to live in my situation... but anyway, thr answer is find someone thst has gone through some real life stueggles and we tend to be much more patient and understanding to the long process of recovery after the emotional absue of a narcissist.

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